Silent Movie Night

Saturday, November 17, 2018 6PM

Greg Breed accompanies

The Kid Brother (1927)



 Greg needs no introduction to most of our members as he is a long-time very active TOSSD member. I’m sure he holds the title for longest serving crew chief of the Wurlitzer in this chapter and was instrumental in the installation, building and rebuilding of our instrument. He is largely responsible for the on-going maintenance and repair of our vintage theatre organ. Greg owns, built and installed his own theatre pipe organ in his residence as well.

Beyond his technical abilities, Greg is a very talented musician who thrives on the accurate study and playing of music associated with silent film. His research leads him across the country in obtaining period-correct scores, and he is very accomplished in presenting them, along with his always interesting and entertaining film selections.


The Kid Brother is a 1927 American classic comedy film starring Harold Lloyd and Jobyna Ralston. Their on-screen chemistry led to seven films together. The film was successful and popular upon release and today is considered by critics and fans to be one of Lloyd's best films, integrating elements of comedy, romance, drama, and character development. One source cites The Kid Brother as the most popular film in 1927.

We invite you to bring friends and family to this charming film accompanied accurately as it would have been in 1927 by Greg Breed. The box office will open at 5PM with the arrival of our friends from AACA with their vintage vehicles.

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Tommy Stark Saturday, October 13, 2018 6PM       accompanies The Son of the Sheik (1926)                        starring Rudolph Valentinotitle

Tommy Stark is a familiar name to many San Diego music fans as he is a local talent who was raised in San Diego and graduated from Mt. Miguel High School.  A musician since 1956, he was a regular performer at the Organ Power Pizza Restaurants in San Diego delighting patrons with his musical abilities specializing in big band renditions on their theatre pipe organs.  He has performed at many venues including many in San Diego, and was organist for Xavier Cugat and Charro’s 20 piece orchestra at Caesar’s Palace. 

Tommy currently splits his time between Hilo, HI where he plays for silent films and concerts at the Mighty Palace Theatre Pipe Organ and weekend performances in San Diego at Fiddler’s Green Restaurant on Shelter Island.

         Jonas Nordwall in Concert

        Saturday, September 22, 2018...2PM




   Jonas Nordwall is a native of Portland, Oregon. He learned to play the accordion when he was only four-years-old, and at the age of 16, Jonas performed for King Gustav Adolf during a tour of Sweden.
   At the age of ten, Jonas continued his musical education by taking piano and organ lessons from Portland teacher, Goldie Pos.
   At the 1966 American Theatre Organ Enthusiasts convention in Portland, Jonas was a featured artist.

  Jonas studied piano, organ, and orchestration with Arthur Hitchcock and graduated from the University of Portland in 1970 with a Bachelor of Music Degree in organ performance. Additional organ studies were with Frederick Geoghegan, Richard Ellsasser, and Richard Purvis.
   Jonas has been the organist at Portland's First United Methodist Church since 1971. He currently holds the title, Artistic Director of Music and Organist. He is the organist for the Oregon Symphony Orchestra and has made several recordings with the orchestra.
   Jonas was also Senior Staff Organist for ten years at the Organ Grinder pizza restaurant in Portland.
   An organist equally skilled in both classical and popular music, Jonas has presented concerts all over the world and has produced over 25 highly acclaimed recordings.
   The American Theatre Organ Society named him Organist of the Year in 1987. He has been a frequent performer at ATOS conventions and at regional conventions of the American Guild of Organists.
   He has appeared on television programs in both the United States and Australia, and his recordings are often heard on Pipe Dreams, a syndicated PBS radio program.
   The design and manufacture of pipe organs and electronic organs has always interested Jonas, and he was associated with the Rodgers Instrument Corporation for over 30 years. Jonas is currently affiliated with the Allen Artists Program.

           Adam Aceto in Accompaniment                              Saturday, March 24, 2018  6PM                                      Steamboat Bill, Jr 

                                  We are delighted to present Adam Aceto accompanying the 1928 silent comedy film Steamboat Bill, Jr.  Adam Aceto is also a nationally renowned musicologist and conductor who is one of the nation’s premier specialists on the authentic sound of early Broadway music. He has rediscovered and restored nearly 100 American musical stage works spanning 1890 to 1930 with more than 40 complete titles by Victor Herbert alone. 

Since 2010, Adam has proudly served as the staff organist at the historic Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara. Award-winning for his film scores, he is the resident organist for the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and extemporaneously accompanies several silent movies each year. He is a registered artist of the American Theatre Organ Society.  

Steamboat Bill, Jr. is a comedy film which also showcases several of Keaton’s trademark stunts.  Following through on a promise to his mother, William Canning Jr. (Keaton) goes to River Junction to meet his father who has not seen him since he was a child. The younger Canning isn't quite what the elder was expecting but the old man has bigger problems. He's being put out of business by J.J. King, who not only owns the local hotel and bank, but has recently introduced a new paddle wheel steamer that puts Canning’s older boat, the Stonewall Jackson, to shame.  

Bill Jr. and JJ’s daughter Kitty King take a liking to each other much to the dismay of both of their fathers. When a fierce storm hits River Junction, Bill Jr. is forced to try to save Kitty, her father and his father. 

It is believed that the film inspired the title of Walt Disney's Steamboat Willie (1928), which was released six months later and is considered the debut of Mickey Mouse. 

Please join us for this marvelous comedy accompanied by Adam Aceto on our Wurlitzer, as it was done when the film debuted.  The box office will open at 5PM along with the arrival of our friends from the Antique Automobile Club of America with their beautiful vintage vehicles, and the show will start at 6PM.


             Ken Double in Concert

  Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 2 PM

It is not often that one gets paid to have fun for a living.  It is even rarer still when having fun and getting paid for it professionally happens twice in life.  Such has been the good professional fortune of Ken Double, the President and Chief Executive of the American Theatre Organ Society.

Until 2008, music was always the “second career,” almost an afterthought due to his 32 years in broadcasting.  The Chicago-native grew up with five brothers in a sports- loving family, but Ken was more enamored of the play-by-play announcers than he was the athletes, and as early as age six, was mouthing the words sitting in front of the television, “practice” broadcasting the games he watched.

He parlayed that interest into a Degree in Radio-TV from Butler University in Indianapolis, and began his broadcast career.

Ken’s parents made sure all six of the boys were introduced to some kind of music, and for Ken, it was organ lessons starting at age eight.  About the time he was getting bored with that, and a high school radio station was providing broadcast opportunities, a school field trip took him to the Pickwick theatre in Park Ridge, IL and a chance to play the Wurlitzer theatre organ, and it was for him as it is for so many, that “WOW!” moment.

Several weeks later, the same teacher who guided students on the field trip took a group to hear Gaylord Carter at Chicago’s famed Oriental Theatre and Ken was truly hooked.  He steered lessons in the theatre organ direction, including one year of studies with legendary organist Al Melgard, where Ken took his lessons on Wednesday afternoons at the Melgard studio, and then met his teacher later that night for the Blackhawks hockey game at the old Chicago Stadium.  Talk about careers coming full circle.

While Ken pursued his broadcast career, he continued playing the organ.  As a college senior, he provided music for sporting events at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis; worked summers as the organist at the famed Tommy Bartlett Water Show in Wisconsin Dells; later, had a stint subbing at the Paramount Music Palace in Indianapolis.

While working his very first TV job in Lafayette, IN, Ken helped install the Mighty Wurlitzer at the Long Center, raising money, doing publicity, performing concerts and booking and promoting other shows at the former vaudeville house.  He premiered that organ in 1982 and has been playing annual concerts there ever since. 

He accepted the top post at ATOS in the summer of 2007, and a year later, the Board of Directors asked Ken to accept the newly created position of President and Chief Executive.  He has been working diligently to raise funds, raise awareness, create new and exciting programs, and help steer the 58-year-old organization in a new direction to ensure its growth and existence for another 50 years and more.

Since his arrival, fundraising has generated nearly two million dollars, with the ATOS Endowment Fund topping the one million dollar mark; the Summer Youth Adventure and the Technical Experience have been added to the program list; and partnerships with organizations such as Ace Theatrical are opening doors for major installations of theatre pipe organs.

Broadcaster, musician, entertainer, MC, administrator, PR man, and even “crooner” occasionally, Ken Double has enjoyed “having fun and getting paid for it, not once, but twice!” As the song says, “Nice work if you can get it.”



                    Russ Peck in Accompaniment                               Saturday February 24, 2018 6PM                                   The Mark of Zorro 

Russ Peck is a Theatre Organ Society of San Diego member and home town favorite.  In addition to his skill as a theatre organist and percussionist, he is also valued member of TOSSD's organ crew, keeping the Wurlitzer maintained to peak performance.

Russ specializes in developing and performing musical scores for accompanying silent films along with performing lively concerts.

He is the Resident Organist for San Diego’s Balboa Theater and performs with the San Diego Symphony for their silent film programs. He also accompanies silent films and is frequently a guest artist for the weekly Sunday concerts at the Spreckles Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park. 

The Mark of Zorro stars Douglas Fairbanks (Sr.) in the role that defined super heroes who cloak their identity, and cemented Fairbanks’ image as a swashbuckling action character. The film was produced by Fairbanks for his own production company, Douglas Fairbanks Pictures Corporation, and was the first film released through United Artists, the company formed by Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, and D. W. Griffith.  Also starring in the film is Noah Beery Sr. 

Noah Beery, Jr. makes his first of many dozens of screen appearances spanning six decades. He portrayed a young child in this film; his father began billing himself as Noah Beery, Sr. as a result. 

Please join us, and bring friends and family as we begin our 2018 season with this great film, and accurate accompaniment by our own Russ Peck on the Mighty Wurlitzer.  The box office will open at 5PM along with the arrival of our friends from the Antique Automobile Club of America with their beautiful vintage cars on display for your viewing pleasure. 


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